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Black & Brown Femme Films

"Femme" - A celebration of those who resonate with their femininity. Whether cisgender, transgender, non-binary, or anywhere in between, 'Femme' is the embodiment of the feminine essence in all its diverse forms. It's Black and Brown Femme Films' mission to amplify and showcase our unique perspectives through the art of film.

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Vici Howard amplifies the impact of black and brown femme films

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Ticket: 12.00

ViBe: Exhibition Celebrating Women of Color

Presented by BBFF in the Illinois humanities activate history, grant we are a vibe! At the vibe exhibition in yourself and the music dance are food, innovations, and rights to passage of women of color from around the world join us on a celebratory journey to uncover the vibrant tapestry of pop culture created by BIPOC women.

ViBe: Exhibition Celebrating Women of Color

Tickets: $8 Early Bird Special!

ViBe: Exhibition  Celebrating Women of Color

Presented by BBFF and The Illinois Humanities Activate History Grant, we invite you to the Vibe Exhibition. Experience the rich cultural expressions of women of color through music, dance, culinary arts, innovations, art, activism, and rites of passage from around the world. Join us on a vibrant journey to celebrate and honor the contributions of BIPOC women to pop culture. Celebrate their stories, achievements, and the diverse tapestry they have woven into our global heritage.

Hello BBFF Family,

We have an important update about the ViBe: Exhibition Celebrating Women of Color. We're rescheduling the event from August 2nd-18th to September 27th-29th. We need a bit more time to prepare and ensure that the exhibition is the best it can be. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience that truly honors the incredible women who will be represented, as well as the trust Illinois Humanities and all of you have placed in us.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We're so excited to share this incredible event with you in September!

Warm regards,

Artists & Filmmakers


    Princess-India Alexander

    Princess-India Alexander: I’m a California-born artist whose work focuses on the galaxy of experiences Black queer people endure. Wildly colored canvases are my....



    Hi,I am Cocokarma. A self-taught Nigerian artist, designer and creator currently based in the Midwest. I love creating pieces mostly....


    Lina Rivera

    Lina Rivera is a director, screenwriter and film critic. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia from Universidad....

    Dancer and Film Director

    Natasha Vergilio and Gabriel Cupaiolo

    Natasha Vergilio, a seasoned Brazilian artist with 13 years of professional experience, is currently based in Berlin. Her artistic journey....

The Vibe: Grown & Sexy Speakeasy Fundraiser

We are a Vibe! The Vibe exhibition was a celebratory journey to uncover the vibrant tapestry of sensual culture originated by BIPOC women while reevaluating established notions along the way.

Always inclusive and submission free

BBFF (Black & Brown Femme Films)

Is an inclusive, submission free, rotating showcase, celebrating the diverse voices of filmmakers and performing artists identifying as black, brown, and femme.
Empowering underrepresented talents, we foster a nurturing community, driving positive change through thought-provoking narratives and performances. Join us as we champion brilliance in cinema and the performing arts


Submission Rules

By submitting your film and artwork, you acknowledge you have read, understood, and accepted all rules and regulations

  • Next submission date coming soon!

Art Submission Guidelines

  • Submit original, unpublished artwork
  • Timely submission is essential
  • Use .jpg, .gif, or .png format, and maintain an image size of about 800x800 pixels in black-and-white/greyscale/RGB
  • Although we encourage explicit content, avoid depictions involving underage characters. We embrace all forms of queer and genderqueer content
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