Dancer and Film Director

Natasha Vergilio and Gabriel Cupaiolo

Natasha Vergilio, a seasoned Brazilian artist with 13 years of professional experience, is currently based in Berlin. Her artistic journey encompasses roles as a performer, movement director, and choreographer. Over the years, Natasha has honed her intuitive art and physical experiences, emphasizing the importance of diverse forms of marginal intellectuality. Her work intricately explores the technology embedded in these varied bodies and their narratives.In parallel, Gabriel Cupaiolo, also from Brazil, has established himself as a film director who focuses on crafting great narratives accompanied by contemporary visuals. His work aims to blend compelling storytelling with modern visual elements, carving a unique space in the realm of film direction.

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When your eyes open like that, a spirit, resembling a butterfly, arrives from outside. Are your eyes ready to welcome it? Dance with lightness as the butterfly flutters its wings—your soul’s joy or sadness may change with its coming and going. Take care of your eyes; there’s a world just for them. Adapted from Kazuo Ohno